SEC Threatens Action Against Coinbase

Coinbase, the “largest cryptocurrency exchange” in the U.S., revealed on Wednesday that SEC officials are threatening to sue it “over a proposed financial product that would let customers earn interest

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Turning MMT into practice

America’s growing income inequality has long needed attention. Last January, under emergency circumstances, it finally got some, in the form of a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package. The quietly influential

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Fraught G20 meeting highlights divisions

G20 environment ministers in Naples, Italy, concluded a “hard-fought summit” yesterday, reports the Financial Times, which “at times appeared to be on the brink of disintegrating”. The newspaper continues: “In the

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forced labor climate change

Forced labour in the solar supply chain

The recent G-7 summit reaffirmed two priorities of leading democratic nations: addressing climate change and combating forced labor. Based on a new report examining evidence that links solar panel manufacturing to forced labor

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klarna app

The Klarna Conundrum

Whether you use Klarna all the time or have barely heard of it, it’s time to start paying attention: the buy-now-pay-later app has just become the biggest private fintech company

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global south

Global South countries come together

The Summit brings together Global South governments, political leaders, healthcare workers and vaccine manufacturers from more than twenty countries and follows criticism of the G7’s plan by U.N. aid chief

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G7 Tax Reform

G7 Tax Reform for the 1%—Not the 99%

Despite the recent G7 agreement on corporate taxation, global leadership requires going beyond national interests to ensure that all countries have sufficient resources to develop healthier post-pandemic economies. This will

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GDP growth masks inequality

GDP Numbers Not What They Seem

GDP growth appears positive  The World Bank has added its voice to those predicting the global economy will recover faster from the pandemic than previously thought. According to its latest report,

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The Luddites Were Right

What Did The Luddites Get Right?

Gavin Mueller’s “Why You Should be Breaking Things at Work” makes a persuasive case for the Luddites. So why have so many people—including your favorite Communist philosophers—insisted that they were

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Illustration of Schelling Model - an early example of economics trying to tackle problems of race and segregation

Economics has a race problem

  The murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis in May 2020 sparked outrage across the world. The Black Lives Matter protests that followed brought the issues

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Man announcing Spain's 2050 plan for a circular economy

Circular Economy for 2050 Spain

Spain aims to achieve a circular and carbon-neutral economy by 2050, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced.  By 2050, Spain will be “more arid and unpredictable”, as 70% of its territory

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No More Global Debt Inequalities

Debt has historically been central to the struggle for international and intersectional justice. The unequal and exploitative experiences of debt have become more pervasive over the past decades, and COVID-19

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Zimbabwe’s odious debts

Civil society organisations have called for an audit of Zimbabwe’s national debt, as inequality and poverty grasp the economy. This comes at a time the World Bank projects further GDP

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