Issue 24 – December 2022

First Word

More or less equal?

My first real consciousness of the super-rich happened as a teenager while working over the summer for my black-sheep uncle, a 1960s hippy turned Parisian artisan woodworker for the rich.

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Out of pocket rocket

A tale of the downfall of another powerful predatory male and its aftershocks. So once more I visited the eye-wateringly expensive restaurant, Nobed. It is a haunt of celebrities as

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From bank vaults to the crypt

The Coppola column Crypto currencies are dead. Long live the crypto currency? The crypto industry has had a terrible year. The prices of cryptocurrencies have crashed and major crypto companies

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Anti matters

Tony Myatt is a professor of economics in Canada and author, with Rod Hill, of the Economics Anti-Textbook in 2010. He has recently published the Macro Economics Anti-Textbook. The Mint

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Speaking figures

Max Lawson is a seasoned non governmental organisation development campaigner. He bagged Oxfam itsbiggest ever-social media hit in 2013 in the run up to Davos using the shocking fact that

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Power corrupts

Innovative economic thinker, Nicholas Gruen, has been seeking to influence policy and programmes for many years in Australia and beyond. Unlike many policy proponents, he has a deep understanding of

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All things being unequal

Sarah McKinley describes a structural reset to democratise our economies. The results of the recent midterm elections in the US were less polarised than anticipated and the threatened Republican Red

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The great pretenders

It’s time for the bosses to stop posing as helpers of disadvantaged groups and to just get out of their way. Patricia Gestoso offers directions. In 2013, the then chief

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Broken China 

The world’s second largest economy may have reached its zenith, says Richard Vague. China failed to deliver anything close to its historically-robust growth in the September 2022 quarter, with 3.9%

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Profit and profiteroles

South Africa’s rulers are so detached from their electorate they don’t even let them eat cake. Lebohang Liepollo Pheko explains. Every year on the weekend closest to January 8th, the

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Malignant growth

Britain has long been a high poverty,  high inequality nation. It’s time to change that, says Stewart Lansley. One of the most important political questions of the time is whether

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Seen but never heard

Caroline Knowles takes a look at the life of the modern-day Jeeves. The World Wealth Report (2021) reveals that the UK’s High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) – those with more

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Why we should all be ecofeminists

“Equality makes for good environmental policymaking” says Katy Wiese  Ahead of COP27 in November, more than 40.000 people went to the streets in Brussels to put pressure on policymakers to

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The word on the street 

Johannes Lenhard calls for nuance in our understanding of homeless people. I return regularly to where I first started speaking to people experiencing homelessness, in the heart of East London,

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Book Reviews

Behind the curtain

The Macro Economics Anti-Textbook: A Critical Thinker’s Guide by Tony Myatt. Review by Henry Leveson-Gower Paul A. Samuelson – an economics colossus who bestrode the economics profession in the three

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