Issue 7 – September 2018


Victorian Values

Banks are scrabbling to find some trust. Robert Mochrie explains how they might look to the distant past. The nature of banking transactions demonstrates the need for trust between the

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What’s the impact of impact investing?

The roles of pay-by-result within public policy Source: Addarii et al., Funding Social Innovation (forthcoming) ​ Filippo Addarii, Alexander Shapiro and Marco Sebastianelli offer a short introduction to the ambition,

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By so many, to so few

In the centennial year of the RAF, Churchill’s words attesting to the valiance of Britain’s fighter pilots have a less chest-swelling relevance to wealth in the UK. Tom Burgess writes

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Out of the shadows

How did the central banks find themselves holding the torch that keeps the shadow banks in existence? Leon Wansleben throws some light. You are likely to read this piece at

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Reigning Men

Teresa Linzner spoke to people and ran a survey to look into why so few economists were women. There is no reason other than most of them are men. Quick.

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What do we need more of?

Our economic system still fails to allocate enough funds to strategic investments such as infrastructure, industry and education. Alexander Tziamalis tells how our times call for important economic and policy

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Three Come Forth

A trio of leaders of organisations that have emerged as responses to the Crash talk to The Mint about the progress so far and the future outlook. Maeve Cohen, Fran

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Kids today

As the latest cohort of the Network Generation leave school, shirts daubed with fond farewells, Nigella Vigoroso-Heck ponders their futures. There’s a lot of stress before the start of school

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Dearly departed

The Mint spoke to funeral director, Sarah Townsend, about the cost of dying, and the spectre of financial sector miss selling. And we exorcised some misleading myths. Funerals are emotionally

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The children are the future

Babysitting comes with great responsibility. Lehman.  I can’t seem to escape the constant harking on the significance of the failure of Lehman. There is even a play about the Lehman

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Real Gone Cat

What state are we in? Like the cat in Schrödinger’s famous quantum thought experiment we can’t know whether we are dead or alive as we await the writing of definitive

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Book Reviews

Book Review: Bending the Rules

Review of Elinor Ostrom’s Rules for Radicals: Cooperative Alternatives Beyond Markets and States. ​ Derek Wall has fashioned a short guide for radicals from the work of a non-radical economics

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