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Analysis, opinion, and interviews from innovative economic thinkers - to help students and others engage with understanding the economy in a critical and creative manner.
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The Mint Magazine is the home of fresh thinking in economics. We have opinion, analysis, and interviews as well as humour. We feature leading innovative thinkers on the economy from Nobel Prize winners to hedge fund investors featuring thinking that draws from across the disciplines as well as hard won experience. We include perspectives and news items from around the world. First published in 2017, we have now 20 quarterly issues providing a wealth of material, including about 250 articles, 60 interviews, 120 columns, 40 event recordings and 500 news items.

The Mint Magazine can contribute to learning by:

  • linking economics to real-world examples in different businesses and countries;
  • encouraging critical thinking by providing different perspectives on economic methodology;
  • providing insights into the thought processes of leading innovative economists; and
  • keeping your students abreast of the latest developments in economic thinking.

All material is written in an engaging and accessible manner so provides ideal introductory material to ensure good engagement and debates in lectures, classes, tutorials and seminars. 

And we can provide you with bespoke reading lists for your programmes. Have a look here at the ones we have created so far.

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