Institutional Subscriptions

We provide a high spec institutional subscription package including:

  • Fully searchable access to an archive of back issues, as well as each new issue.
  • Unlimited IP authenticated access for all users, so there is no requirement to login with username and password.
  • Seamless, cross platform access with web, iOS and Android compatibility.
  • Remote access for registered users off site.
  • New Issue notifications to the administrator account.
  • Statistical reporting provided in the administrator account.
  • Comprehensive and prompt technical support.

The Mint Magazine is the home of fresh thinking in economics. We have opinion, analysis, and interviews as well as humour. We feature leading innovative thinkers on the economy from Nobel Prize winners to cutting edge investors featuring thinking that draws from social science, history and art as well as hard won experience. We include perspectives from around the world.

This can contribute to student learning by:

  • linking economics to real world examples in different businesses and countries;
  • encouraging critical thinking by providing different perspectives on economic methodology;
  • providing insights into the thought processes of leading innovative economists; and
  • keeping students abreast of the latest developments in economic thinking.

Contact us to get a quote. The price depends on the size of the institution and ranges from about $225 – $675 a year.