Issue 3 – Sept 2017


The attack on Dodd-Frank

Rick Rowden lays out how Trump, Wall Street and the Republicans are committed to dismantling financial regulation in the US. Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation passed in the wake of the 2008 global financial

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Weird and wonderful

What does a cocaine baron have to offer society? Self-confessed chief misfit, Alexa Clay, has seen the best in some of the worst. Somali pirates throw great parties. This we

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A future secured

When Mohamed Omar fled the threats that came with the insurgency in Somalia, a lot came with him. The Mint heard his story.  Mohamed Omar took a flight from his

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A second brush with royalty

Professor Verity Bastion sees little cause to reflect on economic yester years and encounters a leading light in the black economy. So it looks like we are going to suffer

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When will they ever learn?

Can we avoid financial instability or has our human nature evolved in such a way that they are inevitable? Clearly Gordon Brown’s endless pronounce- ments of the end of ‘Boom

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