Issue 30 – June 24


First word

The die in diet

While we depend on food, water, air, and shelter to survive, only our requirement for food demands that we rely on a complex international trading system for our day-to-day needs. 

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Through the past darkly

A banquet beggars belief as Verity’s charming Prinz saves the day.  Thomas, my sainted husband, is currently recovering from organising the 1,100th anniversary of Cuthbert’s Cabbage. It turns out our

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Malnutrition is a weapon of war

Generations of Gaza’s population have been below the breadline since Israel came into being as a state. Frances Coppola explains. “Famine, what famine? There’s no famine in Gaza. Look at

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The wall of money

Anne Pettifor, veteran campaigner, economist and author, has a mission, possibly her last one before retiring to her garden. She wants people to understand better how global financial markets, particularly

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The truth and the way

Bélair is an intrepid researcher who walked miles in Tanzania to increase her chances of finding the truth. She was trying to understand how the high-stakes game of farmland investment

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Small ideas

Smaje is a social scientist turned grower in Somerset. When he is not working the fields, he is thinking and writing about what a future food system might look like.

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Power planting

Rohini Kamal outlines the promises and problems for Bangladesh in building solar arrays on its farmland. More than 100 countries met in Dubai during November last year where they pledged

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Money for nothing

Stewart Lansley tells how fat cats have made money while they sleep. Writing in The Times, Keir Starmer called wealth creation Labour’s “Number one mission”. Real wealth creation that boosts

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Trading security

Uneven production, thin trading, climate change and increasing demand will keep food security out of balance. Jayan Jose Thomas and B. Satheesha explain in the wake of India’s rice export

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Fibre optics

Looking good and being good people don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Zoe Gilbertson spins a worthy yarn. The £50bn listing on the London stock exchange of clothing giant, Shein,

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Thought for food

Common beliefs about the health benefits of many foods are founded on false claims by a rapacious industry says Grant Ennis. In 2014 a hunter left out 40kg of chocolate

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Getting real on fake meat

A wave of alternatives to meat has swept through the UK. In this article Lynne Davis unpacks the debates around these packaged processed food stuffs, and the nature of the

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A local lifeline

As developing nations sink in overseas debt, Bruno Bonizzi describes why local currency debt may be part of the solution. After a decade of sustained growth, Ghana defaulted on its

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Poor diet

Megan Blake explains how rich countries can have hungry households and introduces a means to climb out of food insecurity Eradicating hunger is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development

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