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After the bull’s left the shop

Six months ago we talked to German economist and erstwhile policy adviser, Wolfram Elsner, about the future of China and geo-political economics. He had just published a book, The Chinese …

Intensive Care

Pioneering spirit


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Hip to the beat

Pride after a fall. I am recuperating at home under Thomas’s care. The book I began a few months ago is on hold. I have little to distract me from …

Ongoing, massive Ttrump

Festival for Change Finalists

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Period pain

The return on investment in menstrual hygiene awareness in India is huge. The cost of allowing period taboos to persist is tragic. Government money is there Parmjit Nahil reports. Ankit …

The weight of numbers

Bicycle peddling

The shock that planted an idea

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The Feeling Economy

From the publisher: As machines are trained to “think,” many tasks that previously required human intelligence are becoming automated through artificial intelligence. However, it is more difficult to automate emotional …

Here & Now

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The love of money

What is the going rate for being a mum? Madhavi Venkatesan suggests it’s time to stop following the money. The pandemic has highlighted the relationship and trade-off between parenting and …

Long covid

Flogging a dead horse


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Colonial economics

Post pandemic, which issues need to be added and reincorporated into the development economics curriculum? Kevin Deane asks. There is a strong argument that Covid  is not an external shock …

Selling the circular

Hard stuff

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Why we should abandon GDP

Gross Domestic Product is the most popular and useless quantity in economics say Erald Kolasi and Blair Fix. For all that it purports to say, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fails …

Hardcore Peripheries

Vegan cheese: you may scoff


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Ensuring fair working conditions in the online talent platform economy

Online talent platform work has experienced rapid growth in recent years and been embraced by individuals and businesses alike. While working via an online platform does not constitute a new …

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The Digital Economy: a Covid Winner but for whom?

During lockdown, the digital economy has been essential and has boomed. But are private network monopolies in the public interest? The early 1900s saw the first attempt to challenge the …

Sabotage and Covid-19

Long Reads

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Taking sides

Nicholas Gruen questions the value of competition and proposes a new frontier for political and economic reform. Since Adam Smith, economists have marvelled at competition’s capacity to improve our world …

Industrial policy, then and now

The space between us