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Taking a part

So who enjoys being on committees? The prospect of community collaboration is haunted by the spectre of meetings, minutes, legal status, insurance etc. This is off-putting for even those inured …

They think it’s all over

The hard way


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Digging the commons, man

How Thomas’ inner hippy saved the commons with a spot of help from the high-born Last week I was abruptly awakened by a loud noise. I elbowed my snoring Thomas …

We can be heroes

Here & Now

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Uncommonly good food

Ploughshare: Chagfood members agree that in a difficult growing season the members might get a smaller split of the produce. Take farmers, distributors, fishermen and a few spreadsheets, throw them …

Commons Sense

Practically Utopian


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Time to lace up

Heliotropy: “We will grow taller, stronger and faster when motivated by things that are light and full of positivity.” The climate change statistics look grim. Charmian Love and Gillian Benjamin …

The right chemistry

Hard stuff

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What economic reform thinking might have looked like if we’d bothered to do it.

Here I am back… in the Treasury like a recurring decimal – but with one great difference. In 1918 most people’s only idea was to get back to pre-1914. No …

Out of the shadows

The human touch


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How Big Data can prevent homelessness

Professor Vania Sena believes the swathes of data that councils already hold on us could be used to prevent homelessness. The University of Essex researcher is working with Suffolk and …

Should credit be guided

Past Events

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Economic Growth: Our modern day religion?

For around half a century ecological economists such as Herman Daly have been seeking to win over the economics profession to the recognition that the economy is a subsystem of …

Land Value Tax in Practice

Long Reads

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Industrial policy, then and now

Victoria Chick compares two texts on industrial strategy that are separated by 90 years and are worlds apart in their concern for the public good. Introduction After 40 years of …