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Theoretically speaking

Randy Wray was one of the finalists for our #NotTheNobel prize in October and is one of the world’s leading advocates of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). It might sound like …

Over tea

Licence to be Bad


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Beware Brits bearing myths

Greece’s slide into depression became a cautionary tale told by Tories to get the UK to do its austerity duty. But a decade on, where there is now hope in …

Own back

Chasing tales

Here & Now

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Pot look

Problems with pensions exhibit the same concerns that drive our inability to tackle the environmental crisis and other great societal issues. We need to recognise uncomfortable truths and meaningfully support …

Hidden in plain sight

National interest


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HET up

Kevin Deane recounts his moment of discovery in the history of economic thought. In the summer of 2013, I embarked on my academic career as a lecturer at the University …

Trash can

Zero is circular

Hard stuff

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Why we should abandon GDP

Gross Domestic Product is the most popular and useless quantity in economics say Erald Kolasi and Blair Fix. For all that it purports to say, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fails …

Hardcore Peripheries

Vegan cheese: you may scof


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New data shows UK poverty had reached a record high before coronavirus hit

Half a million more people including children are living in poverty, as the number of low-income households reaches a record high. Data from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) estimated …

Past Events

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From Nudges to Catalysts: A New Approach to Policy for a New Decade

Elinor Ostrom at her 2009 Nobel lecture said: “Designing institutions to force (or nudge) entirely self-interested individuals to achieve better outcomes has been the major goal posited by policy analysts …

Why Capitalists Need Communists

Long Reads

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Industrial policy, then and now

Victoria Chick compares two texts on industrial strategy that are separated by 90 years and are worlds apart in their concern for the public good. Introduction After 40 years of …

The space between us