The only way out

Post-war reconstruction involved taxing the richest – it could help with building a low-carbon economy according to Dario Kenner. Amid the worst public health crisis in a generation, an economic disaster has

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Fiscal fizz is less sweet

One year on, Ben Reynolds explores the impact of the high-profile “sugar tax”, and where it might go in future. I remember the moment, when two years into running a

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By so many, to so few

In the centennial year of the RAF, Churchill’s words attesting to the valiance of Britain’s fighter pilots have a less chest-swelling relevance to wealth in the UK. Tom Burgess writes

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What do we need more of?

Our economic system still fails to allocate enough funds to strategic investments such as infrastructure, industry and education. Alexander Tziamalis tells how our times call for important economic and policy

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Enough is enough

The cost of the UK’s inadequate income support is huge. Paul Nicolson writes. The UK has never been generous with its benefits system. In 2008, Tim Harford of the Financial

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London is too far from Singapore

The UK government’s post Brexit aspiration for the City to challenge Singapore’s growth in offshore finance is flawed and ill-matched to growing global hostility to tax havens. John Christensen explains.

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