Issue 4 – December 2017


Independence for Andalusia

Can British farmers learn from their counterparts in southern Spain to spit out Brussels’ poisoned sweets? Joe Zammit-Lucia and Astrid Vargas write. The high plains of Andalusia in southern Spain

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Unfair trade

Gooding – an economic development officer at work, Yukon 1992. A remote mountain community was torn up when the free market came to town. Tim Gooding describes his findings on

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The economics of ending PFI

Private Finance initiative deals are a source of significant public sector savings – when they are cancelled – says David Hall. While the media and professional classes in Britain have

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Behaviour is good

How do you measure it? Can you turn it around? ‘How?’ is becoming as important a question as how much? in investors’ regulators’ and customers’ appraisals of businesses. Deborah Hawkes

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Do macroeconomists have morals?

Humans perceive symbols and narratives that have meanings (rather than process information). What might economists want with anthropologists? Laura Bear offers a few suggestions. As an anthropologist among the tribe

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Annulus mirabilis

Raworth: I’m not a serious academic; I’m a serious activist. Kate Raworth has, in her blend of new economic thinking, served up a printed equivalent of hot cakes with her

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State: your business

Barker: “Politicians are perfectly entitled to do things to political ends but you’ve got to have somebody who encourages them to stop and think before they do.” The government has

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Unorthodox Greek

Yanis Varoufakis is a heavyweight academic economist with a rare combination of style and substance. He talks to The Mint. Economics professor, Yanis Varoufakis, describes himself as a “failed finance minister

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Pointing the way to digital success

Khokhar: “It’s getting to read between the lines, or getting to understand the person, the business, and their motivations, and their rationale.” An entrepreneur for entrepreneurs – Bill Khokhar shows

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Sustainably Yours

A late charge by Thomas into the green, ends in bloodshed and disappointment. If only they had consulted Professor Bastion. Thomas has gone green. Our dear girl Hermione wasn’t even

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Time to Pay Peter

It is 30 years since the Brundtland Commission published its report on Sustainable Development. This was the official response to the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth work that created

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