50 Years of Nobel Economics Prize Winners: What have they done for us?

It is 50 years since the The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was created. We are planning to use this anniversary to reflect on the influence of the prize and the need for economic pluralism.

A cracked formula

Nat Dyer tells the story of how two Nobel Prize winners almost brought down the world’s financial markets by putting their “rocket science” finance theory into practice. Sounds like a

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A man and his wife

Gunnar Myrdal shared his Nobel Prize with an arch rival. Meanwhile his Nobel Prize-winning wife enjoyed less recognition. André Pedersen Ystehede and Stefan Kesting tell the story of a quest for peace,

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Book Review: Bending the Rules

Review of Elinor Ostrom’s Rules for Radicals: Cooperative Alternatives Beyond Markets and States. ​ Derek Wall has fashioned a short guide for radicals from the work of a non-radical economics

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Is fair enough?

Hart: “I’ve become more open to these behavioural ideas, which I was initially not.” Contracts are a big deal. They have a place in all manner of economics transactions and

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What is the China Shock?

China’s authoritarianism is steadily consuming the previously democratic Hong Kong trading hub. It has become fashionable to talk about the China …

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Here We Go

Incheon towards the future: the city hosted 3,000 people for the 6th Wellbeing Forum. There is an international group of government …

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Greece bears gifts

The European Union has lessons to learn from one of its least adept members writes Alex Tziamalis. While the UK is engulfed …

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