Issue 8 – December 2018


Uncommonly good food

Ploughshare: Chagfood members agree that in a difficult growing season the members might get a smaller split of the produce. Take farmers, distributors, fishermen and a few spreadsheets, throw them

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Time to lace up

Heliotropy: “We will grow taller, stronger and faster when motivated by things that are light and full of positivity.” The climate change statistics look grim. Charmian Love and Gillian Benjamin

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Commons Sense

Collectivism is a way forward. It’s just the “ism” that isn’t and the consensus that never shows up that somehow take things in a more tangential direction. Peter Manley maps

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The space between us

There’s iron in them-there hills: a composite image of the Moon indicating surface composition with blue showing titanium-rich areas, orange – lower titanium, and red indicating iron and titanium poor.

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The right chemistry

“Do we have anything for a serious case of chronic CEO?” Boots was the most trusted brand for decades – Victorian values and all. Now it has slipped down the

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Plural hands to the pump

Lending a hand: an Oxford University-led initiative in Kenya is tackling the chronic scourge of poor hand pump maintenance. Two award-winning projects in dryland East Africa were based on the

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Taking a part

So who enjoys being on committees? The prospect of community collaboration is haunted by the spectre of meetings, minutes, legal status, insurance etc. This is off-putting for even those inured

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They think it’s all over

Our main political parties see a reputation for economic competence as key for achieving power. The Tory party is reportedly scared that a Brexit disaster will destroy its reputation, which

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Digging the commons, man

How Thomas’ inner hippy saved the commons with a spot of help from the high-born Last week I was abruptly awakened by a loud noise. I elbowed my snoring Thomas

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Collaboratively yours

The theme of this issue is common resource management. This may seem a niche interest but when you think about it there are many resources we have to manage together.

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We can be heroes

Many of us like the idea of swimming with dolphins and our children having dolphins around to give them the option to swim with them. Patriotism anyone? Most of us

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Disruptive influences

 “We input pluralist economics perspectives and now it is designing a space craft to leave earth.” Teaching isn’t what is used to be. Exams need to be the same. Nigella Vigoroso-Heck

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The hard way

The Mint talked to Professor Ozlem Onaran about her journey from an undergraduate degree in engineering to being a professor in economics at Greenwich University. She started her career in

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Book Reviews

Incisive, yet is the mustard cut?

Foundational Economy – The infrastructure of everyday life by The Foundational Economy Collective, Manchester University Press ISBN: 978-1-5261-3400-4 A collective at Manchester University has, through intensive research, concluded that a

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