Issue 19 – September 2021


The troubles with peace

Brendan Murtagh tells how in the face of inadequate investment there is potential in the poorest communities in Northern Ireland’s capital to share the economic benefits of peace.  Despite recent

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Beyond denial

Sandra White maps a route through denial and towards action on climate change. Despite growing evidence of climate change, only a few years ago I regularly heard people deny that

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All together. How?

If the way out of climate crisis requires a world that works together, can economics and markets provide the direction? Şerban Scrieciu reflects. Two globally significant events this year have

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An ideal economist

Alex M. Thomas introduces the Indian economist, Krishna Bharadwaj. There are few economists who have made stellar contributions to theory, history and empirics. Rarer is the same individual making lasting

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Farming: a woman’s work

Yashaswi Shetty and Hamza Ahmad, describe how women in India’s agricultural sector are pushing back barriers to their recognition and security. Surinder Kaur is a member of the Kisan Sabha

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A green light

Mark Davis introduces a local investment vehicle that he says could help local communities achieve Net Zero. Two-thirds of UK councils have declared a Climate Emergency. They have set ambitious

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The biggest issue

Professor Jane D’Arista’s broad and deep expertise spans monetary policy and regulation.  Rick Rowden asked her some large-scale questions about the global economy for The Mint. The Mint:      What are your

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All change

Former Czech Prime Minister Vladimír Špidla says our way of life is pulling into its final stop. He tells The Mint it’s time for the world to get off and

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Commons concern

American natural resource economist, Erik Nordman, has just written a book about Elinor Ostrom, the first woman to win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The Mint quizzed him

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Cop out?

So what can we expect from COP26, billed as the “most important international meeting to address climate change yet”? Will country ambition “ratchet up” as the architects of the Paris

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The climate crisis cause

As we struggle to find common international cause to address climate change, you might not immediately think of reaching for a philosopher’s book – How to think about the climate

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Carbon upset

With a revolutionary treatise to write, our good Professor Bastion struggles to warm to green heat. It is chaos here.  It all started when our heating system failed. Now we

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A ray of hope

Petrodollars to solar sense: what will be the conversion rate? Frances Coppola speculates. Slowly but surely, the world is giving up on fossil fuels. First coal, then oil, and finally

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Book Review