Dividends in the Co-op

Margaret Lund tells how cooperation works in practice. In theory, there should be no such thing as a multi-stakeholder cooperative (MSC); in practice, it is a popular model of cooperative

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Nobbled in a noble cause

How we became prize fighters. Henry Leveson-Gower recounts. I was going through my mail (the paper stuff) some months ago when I was a little shocked to open a letter

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Economics rules – not OK

Economic decisions are made without the full understanding of the people they affect most. Katy Wiese spells out the issues. For many, economics is technical, jargon-laden, yet abstract, making it

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A Name With No Name

Danielle Guizzo looks at how economics made the work of academic giant Barbara Wootton, invisible. Barbara Wootton, was a leading name in the areas of Sociology and Criminology in post-war

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All together. How?

If the way out of climate crisis requires a world that works together, can economics and markets provide the direction? Şerban Scrieciu reflects. Two globally significant events this year have

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An ideal economist

Alex M. Thomas introduces the Indian economist, Krishna Bharadwaj. There are few economists who have made stellar contributions to theory, history and empirics. Rarer is the same individual making lasting

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The pathology of economics

Covid-19 exposes the deadly dominance of neoclassical economics in Africa. Howard Stein. On 24 February 2021 Ghana received a vaccine shipment (600,000 doses), the first to sub-Saharan Africa under the

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On the road to reality

Professor Alan Kirman became a complexity economist before the term was invented.  Having trained in equilibrium economics, his intellectual curiosity led him to do something few economists actually do: study

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Anti matters

Tony Myatt is a professor of economics in Canada and author, with Rod Hill, of the Economics Anti-Textbook in 2010. He has recently published the Macro Economics Anti-Textbook. The Mint

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Small print writ large

Welcome to our 25th issue which is quite a milestone for us.  Given that our mission is to open up thinking on economics it’s probably no surprise that our theme

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A Brilliant Assault

Foundations of Real-World Economics: What Every Economics Student Needs to Know (Routledge, 3rd edition, 2023), by John Komlos. Review by Guy Dauncey One of the world’s hidden tragedies, happening every

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