Issue 5 – March 2018


Enough is enough

The cost of the UK’s inadequate income support is huge. Paul Nicolson writes. The UK has never been generous with its benefits system. In 2008, Tim Harford of the Financial

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Health economics: a prognosis

Is established thinking in economics up to the challenges presented by healthcare provision? Geoffrey M. Hodgson conducts and examination. “Health economics would seem to be a perfect topic for heterodox

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Street Fighter

Laura McCullagh works with people who are in danger of homelessness. She tells The Mint how her clients’ difficulties begin with lack of money and how she tries to guide

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Growing pains

Tim Jackson gained his global reputation outside academia with his groundbreaking book Prosperity without Growth, originally published in 2009 as a report from the Sustainable Development Commission for the UK government. In it he

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Educating neater

Nigella Vigoroso-Heck confesses putting failure into teaching market failure and laments the scope available in A level economics courses. Market failure is one of my favourite concepts to teach. Nestled

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The one and only

According to his website, Doctor Yoram Bauman is the world’s first and only stand-up economist.  He tours the world entertaining not only economists but also bankers and lawyers. He has

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Our house

In 1985 London’s Victoria and Albert Museum put on an exhibition entitled National characteristics of design. It looked at various aspects of manufacturing, fashion and other sectors in eight leading

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Book Reviews

Short and Sweet

In remarkably few words Nick Silver gets to many points in his biting analysis of the global financial system, Finance, Society and Sustainability. It’s all good – more would be

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