About The Mint

The Mint is the magazine for Promoting Economic Pluralism (PEP), a registered charity set up in 2016 to open up economics education, research and application to a broader range of perspectives.  The Mint provides a space for a range of perspectives on understanding economies presented in an engaging and accessible format which is generally absent from journal articles due to the requirements of that format. It is aimed to provide both engaging material for teaching from a pluralist perspective and for those with an interest attaining a greater understanding of the workings of our economies. See the longer version of our Mission here.

It is edited by Henry Leveson-Gower, founder and CEO of PEP, assisted by Trevor Loveday, a professional editor see more about them here, with material provided by a wide range of contributors who you can see here. If you wish to pitch an article, we would love to hear from you – contact details here.

The strategy of the publication is guided by an editorial panel drawn from our contributors.

We aim to balance providing as open access to our material as possible while also giving value to our subscribers who contribute to the costs of publishing The Mint. Hence we feature articles for free access promoted via our newsletter and social access, while keeping the back catalogue of articles open only to subscribers.

We take your privacy very seriously and you can see our policy here.