Issue 20 – December 2021


Cash crops

Henry Leveson-Gower looks at how local food currencies might bear fruit. Our food system is deeply dysfunctional.  Economic forces drive it to deliver unhealthy food, while trashing the environment so

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Who will save the world?

Raj Thamotheram is, in theory, betting on pension funds. Covid has transformed global politics and the Omicron variant has caused markets to tumble. Meanwhile COP26 failed to address, adequately, the

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Same old. same old

Despite being past many things, elders will always be here. Nina Teasdale says it’s time to recognise them as valuable cargo, as much as heavy responsibilities. An ageing population is

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Atomic number one fuel

With the UK government and others announcing hydrogen strategies as part of their Net Zero plans, Jeremy Williams assesses the potential – and the pitfalls – of the first element.

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Holding it all together

Isaac Stanley explains why care is infrastructure. Biden’s much-discussed Infrastructure Bill eventually passed into law in October in the US. This followed extensive political wrangling between different wings of the

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Be careful – running on empty

Investments in care services are core to a human-centred recovery says Valeria Esquivel. The Covid pandemic is a health, social and economic global catastrophe, still unravelling in many parts of

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Away from the valleys of dearth

Rebecca Annells and Victoria Topham explore how Wales gives the world a guiding light out of diet-related poor health. Crises relating to food waste, poverty and diet-related ill-health are rife.

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Hearty laughter

Dr Julian Abel tracks the emotional way to good health. England is about to undergo another reorganisation of health and social care by integrating the two. Theoretically, this should make

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Why care a damn

McMaster takes a tally of the value of care in an economy and asks: what is a round of applause worth? Four years before Covid 19 infected its first victim,

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Handle with care

John Seddon believes in the importance of good services to the public, particularly in providing care. He has been working with organisations in many sectors to help their leaders understand

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A view from the top

Helena Norberg-Hodge has campaigned for decades to challenge the forces of globalisation and develop local economies with ecological diversity and caring relationships. A life’s work was formed out of a

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Enlightenment goes viral

I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, but for one moment let’s imagine there exists a shadowy secret society bent on world betterment… The Society had been increasingly worried.

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Who knows what’s good for you?

Wendy Adamba works in Kenya to change behaviour to improve health and welfare outcomes.  She works closely with communities to understand their perspectives and build trust.  She tells The Mint

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Book Review

Sharks are eating the whales

Alex Kozul-Wright reviews The Value of a Whale by Adrienne Buller, Manchester Press (2022) and The Finance Curse by Nicholas Shaxson, Penguin Random House (2018). Though distinct in their focus,

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