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Davos, 2030

The Mint despatches Guy Dauncey to Switzerland, a decade into the future, to report on the global summit. It was pouring when we arrived in Davos. The local news channels

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Neo expressionism?

Ann Pettifor’s energy and analysis is currently focused on the state of the international financial system. The Mint caught up with her to get her sketch of its direction of

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A view from the top

Helena Norberg-Hodge has campaigned for decades to challenge the forces of globalisation and develop local economies with ecological diversity and caring relationships. A life’s work was formed out of a

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The biggest issue

Professor Jane D’Arista’s broad and deep expertise spans monetary policy and regulation.  Rick Rowden asked her some large-scale questions about the global economy for The Mint. The Mint:      What are your

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The bull in China’s shop

In this issue we are exploring the world of international organisations, values and globalisation. This is at a time when Trump is challenging all the norms, but maybe the norms

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Whiners and losers

Soft cheese, hard Brexit and the joys of talking trade theory. Like most people, I am wearied with this whole Brexit thing. It got particularly bad when Thomas became obsessively

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An exchange of views

Dirk Ehnts reviews Jeffery E. Garten’s book Three Days at Camp David: How a Secret Meeting in 1971 Transformed the Global Economy. In 1971, Richard Nixon summoned his advisors to

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Nothing left to lose

Researchers have charted the US phenomenon where, as globalisation spreads injustice, the despondent reach for the gun. Review by John Komlos It is a commonplace that the demographic development of

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Shut Down the Business School

Business schools are institutions which, a decade after the financial crash, continue to act as loudspeakers for neoliberal capitalism with all its injustices and planetary consequences. ​ Little seems to

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