Issue 1 – March 2017


A strategic view

Is nothing better than industrial strategy? Former business secretary, Sir Vince Cable, charts the course of UK policy from backing no one to promoting potential. Speaking the day after prime

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Costa Rica – a Dark Brew

Water management in Costa Rica is crucial in maintaining the country’s valuable eco-tourism industry and vital cash crops. But it is struggling through an undergrowth of fragmented responsibilities and competing

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Three Years and Counting

Bête noir to established economists Steve Keen tells the Mint why Brexit ended a stupid policy but the government line on trade agreements is nonsense and an economic zombie apocalypse

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She who dares

A globally influential thinker, Gabriela Ramos, explains why a group of leading economies is challenging globalisation and other conventional wisdom. More than 30 of the world’s wealthiest countries with market

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From the mouth of death

  In the first of a series of pieces on people and their relationship with work we look at the trajectory taken by Jena Al-Bazi from her birthplace in Iraq

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Shame about The Economist

Economics is in a mess. Verity Bastion, Emeritus Professor of Economics, speaks out. The Mint has asked me to write a column. Now I know this Mint thing it’s a

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