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Max Lawson is a seasoned non governmental organisation development campaigner. He bagged Oxfam itsbiggest ever-social media hit in 2013 in the run up to Davos using the shocking fact that 85 men owned the same as half the world’s population. It even reached the streets of Hanoi and it hasn’t apparently beaten that achievement since.

The Mint discussed with Max how that change of direction had come from “making poverty history”; how public dialogue on inequality had evolved since then; and how he saw the outlook. Look out for his next killer fact to come out during Davos 2023 in January.

Read the transcript here.

Max Lawson

Max is Head of Inequality Policy for Oxfam.  He is a regular writer and blogger and co-hosts the podcast EQUALS. He has helped author some of Oxfam’s most high-profile papers …

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