Issue 14 – June 2020


Fake news (the emperor’s old clothes)

Tom London tells how self-aggrandisement, warmongering and bribing the population was a feature of national leadership millennia before any president. Like the Fascist dictator Mussolini, evoking the Roman Empire, and

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Shorn of the debt

Peter Manley describes the horrors of walking dead companies and the dangers in killing them off. The Coronavirus pandemic has put much of the world’s economy on financial life support,

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Down to size

Why exactly is the boss paid so much? Blair Fix says it’s all a question of size. As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we’re seeing a common trend. Companies are firing

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The comeback kid

Stefan Kesting and André Petersen Ystehede introduce a powerful intellectual force in economics who started early and faced his own firepower. Albert O. Hirschman is a role model as a

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