Stakeholder Economy


The bigger picture

A million pounds can go a long way but sometimes it can be hard to know where to turn. Louise Tickle goes to Cumbria. Two women stand in the middle of

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A politics of belonging

Seed-sharing commons help Indian women restore native crops while emancipating themselves from dependency on multinational corporations selling expensive, proprietary GMO seeds. The Commons as a set of responsibilities and entitlements:

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Life in the cross hairs

Being a good corporate citizen comes with risks. Andrew Black tells the tale of a close escape. For corporates that have medium-term planning regimes, taking seriously the considerable challenges posed

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You don’t count

Opaque reporting in company accounts is not in the public interest says Richard Murphy. The failings of accounting have been afforded much attention of late. This has been actively appropriate.

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Citizens Can

Anna Cura explains how thinking differently of ourselves can change the future of our food system to end its damaging influences on our world. I’ve always had a passion for food. The

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Re-designing money

John Wood suggests that money should be re-designed as local maps of relations, rather than as a universal register of quantities and things. When someone tells you not to re-invent

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The right chemistry

“Do we have anything for a serious case of chronic CEO?” Boots was the most trusted brand for decades – Victorian values and all. Now it has slipped down the

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Good counsel

Socially-driven entrepreneurs are partnering with a new breed of corporate lawyer with interests that go beyond bunce for shareholders. Nina Boeger writes. UK company law makes two things clear. First,

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The human touch

There is a world of innovation and entrepreneurism where the bottom line is the last thing that matters. René Kemp tells. We live in a world of marketisation with its

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Caring and Sharing

Interview: Juliet Schor Since 2010 Juliet Schor has been studying the recent phenomenon that is the sharing economy. She first rose to prominence in the 1990s with her bestselling book

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Stewarding Zebras

Armin Steuernagel has founded a new company called Purpose. It supports people who want help transforming their companies into models of steward ownership guided by public purpose. He tells how

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Will turkeys vote for Christmas?

The British Academy doesn’t seem the obvious place to start a revolution. Nevertheless, Professor Colin Mayer is leading a research project there to rethink the nature of corporations and hence,

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Barnstorming Success

Time for a cuppa: but no copper to be seen. A north Lancashire community has built a hyper-fast broadband network with a shovel and a nice cup of tea. Life

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What do you do?

Whether it’s the Duke of Edinburgh or the bride’s mum asking it, not everyone finds the “what do you do” question a comfortable one. It suggests that we are expected

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On purpose

Campaigners seeking deep transformation of the economy should look no further for ideas than Colin Mayer’s book, Prosperity. Within it they will find a surprisingly radical agenda even if they

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Incisive, yet is the mustard cut?

Foundational Economy – The infrastructure of everyday life by The Foundational Economy Collective, Manchester University Press ISBN: 978-1-5261-3400-4 A collective at Manchester University has, through intensive research, concluded that a

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Event Recordings

The Foundational Economy

Privatisation, market choice, outsourcing: these are the watchwords that have shaped policy in numerous democratic states in the last generation. These were claimed to provide more efficient services so we

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