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An economic, social, health and environmentally conscious way of doing business: by bicycle. BikePreneurship helps locals townships and villages start their own sustainable businesses while conveniently meeting the needs of the community.

The proposal

Peddle Preneurship provides individuals/households in townships and villages in Africa with a BizBike (our very own constructed business bicycle) and the necessary skills and system to formally run, sustain, and upscale a profitable community serving business.

This business model enables our already existing informal cycling or trolley entrepreneurs to secure and grow their income while inspiring many who are unemployed to do the same using they’re existing skills and knowledge passed down to us in these communities by elders. Formalising and training them under one umbrella ensures that they can continue to earn an income through government claims strategically should anything happen and they are unable to run their previously informal business.

The informal sector was greatly affected by the pandemic as many were banned from operating leaving our homes to worsened poverty circumstances because these businesses were not recognised by the government and could not claim for aid. With this bicycle, they can operate throughout anything that happens to meet needs to the community at their homes while taking the necessary precautions to keep the community safe.

No technology or internet service is required as many people in our areas do not have access. The eco friendly bikes roam around hourly on a set schedule given to the community providing vegetables and other home-ware products or services like electric and plumbing or simply traditionally hand crafted products backed by us.

Why now with the pandemic?

The people will no longer be desperate for foreign aid but can create, sustain, and grow their own strong economy while taking care of the environment with less fuel emission. The bikes are built to ensure food security standards to lessen the spread of viruses protecting the people.

As the government and current political system has failed many people, it is extremely important that we create independent ways for the people to make money. This model can easily be passed down to their young ones instilling the fundamentals of business from a young age. Employing young people empowers them and gives them hope which sparks innovation.

Peddle Preneurs promote cycling as the main modem of transport in Africa for better economic, social and health.

How does this deliver social, economic and environmental benefits?

This is a solution that can be implemented with immediate effect to quickly empower and restore the circumstances of the people. Many already have a preexisting informal mobile business by trolley and bike selling homegrown vegetables and handcrafted brooms and traditional homeware items.

Our roaming bikes provide an affordable and healthy food option for the locals while supporting artisans to sell their work to the people. This means we will need fewer products from large international factories of mass production that are destroying the environment and crippling local economies.

The health benefits of cycling are good for the entrepreneur or they could hire a young person to operate the bike for them. This creates more employment.

The team

Zodwa Manitswana

Zodwa is the CEO and Founder of BraamByBike: a city cycling tour and experience company with the aim to promote cycling in Africa as the preferred modem of transport to …

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Nomfundo Manitswana

Nomfundo is an aspiring anime pen and pencil sketch artist, video editor, and content creator.  She is also currently studying coding online in her free time. 

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Phumelele Manitswana

Phumelele is aspiring to start her own distillery in Soweto crafting beers and ciders using African methods of making beverages with sorghum. She is a part-time caterer and is passionate …

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Thando Manitswana

Thando is a young entrepreneur who sells her digital artworks on social media. She is currently creating her own African storytelling comic book. Thando is planning on attending animation school …

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