Post Brexit, What should our approach to trade be?

As the UK launches into negotiating free trade deals with anyone who will have us and Joe Stiglitz tells not to ‘waste our time’ negotiating with Trump, what should our approach to trade be? What would a trading system look like that supported a sustainable, resilient and inclusive international economy?

Steve Keen challenges the fundamental economic theory that underpins the promotion of free trade. The theory of comparative advantage has been a mainstay of economic theory since Ricardo in developed it in 1817. Can it really be wrong?  

Steve Keen was one of the small band of economists who ‘saw the crash coming’, so he has form for being right. If so does it matter? What should replace it? Dottie Guerrero, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Global Justice Now, will use her international policy and on the ground experience to explore what this means for just and sustainable global development.

Steve Keen

Professor Steve Keen is both critic of mainstream economics and a developer of a modern complex systems approach to economics. Best known for the book Debunking Economics, he was a …

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Dorothy Guerrero

Dottie joined Global Justice Now in January 2017. Her work as organiser, researcher/analyst, educator, and campaigner in social movements and NGOs spans almost 30 years. She works on and writes …

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