Workers everywhere are acquiring green skills and taking up green jobs. The share of green talent among our membership increased from 9.6 percent in 2015 to 13.3 percent in 2021 — a cumulative growth rate of almost 40 percent. And we’re seeing green skills emerge not only in core sustainability areas like ecosystem management, environmental policy, and pollution prevention, but also in areas not traditionally thought of as green. In fact, the vast majority of green skills are being used in jobs outside the traditional green sphere — jobs like ​​fleet manager, data scientist and health care worker.

The bad news is that we are currently a long way off having the level of skills or green jobs required to meet the EU’s ambitious climate targets and deliver the green transition. Worse still, demand is currently outstripping supply of green talent. While job postings requiring green skills grew at 8 percent annually over the past five years, the share of green talent only grew 6 percent annually in the same period — meaning we are missing out not only on opportunities to help the planet make economic activities more sustainable but also on economic opportunities for workers.

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