Labour said the documents show Boris Johnson is “misleading the public” over plans to sell off the NHS

  • US trade talks used to pressure UK Government to opt for a hard Brexit
  • Trump officials demand UK ends current regulatory standards over food and align with US
  • US trade representatives also ban discussion on climate change action in trade agreement

LEAKED DOCUMENTS from secret negotiations over a post-Brexit free trade agreement with the United States have revealed the US Government is pushing for as hard a Brexit as possible, according to an analysis by Global Justice Now.

Previously redacted documents revealed in full by UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on 27 November have confirmed the details discussed in bilateral trade talks between US and UK officials since 2017. 

Labour have used the documents to double down on accusations that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Conservatives were “misleading” the public on their “secret plans to sell off the NHS”. 

The documents reveal that US officials had pressured the UK Government to move toward as hard a Brexit as possible, with complete divergence from EU regulatory standards and closer alignment to the US, in order to allow American corporations complete access to the UK market. 

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