The cabbies’ union welcomed the decision while the Uber drivers union called it a “hammer blow”.

Two trade unions have reacted very differently to Transport for London’s decision not to renew the license for the Uber taxi company.

Transport for London made the decision because it said Uber failed to address failures which put passengers at risk. Uber will go on operating while it seeks to legally challenge the decision.

Unite, which represents cabbies, and the GMB welcomed the decision while the IWGB union, which represents Uber drivers, called it a “hammer blow”.

Jim Kelly, chair of Unite’s London and Eastern cab section, said:

“Unite welcomes the decision of TfL not to renew Uber’s licence as there remains fundamental problems in the way the company operates, particularly issues around passenger safety.

“All the taxi trade wants is a level playing field. Uber’s DNA is about driving down standards and creating a race to the bottom which is not in the best interests of professional drivers or customers.

“Uber has a history of undermining licencing regimes. In particular there is growing concern about how Uber has also allowed drivers to become licenced in one area and then operate in areas where they are not licenced.

“In order to protect the public and to ensure standards are maintained it is essential that TfL follows this decision with stricter licencing of private hire operators and apps.

“This is the only way that public safety and confidence in the service can be maintained and the pay and conditions of professional drivers can be preserved.”

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