Herman Daly, professor who introduced ecology to economics, dies at 84

Herman E. Daly, an economist who envisioned a new practice of his field, a discipline known as ecological economics in which growth is not an unquestioned good and the impact of commerce on the environment and society matters as much as the flow of money, died Oct. 28 at a hospital in Richmond. He was 84

His death was announced by the University of Maryland, where Dr. Daly was a professor in the School of Public Policy from 1994 to 2010 before taking emeritus status. The cause was a brain hemorrhage, said his daughter Karen Daly Junker.

Dr. Daly was widely regarded as a founder of ecological economics, a field that stood on the margins of economic study when he entered academia five decades ago but in recent years has attracted increasing notice around the world.

He argued for a fundamental shift in the way the economy is understood — not as an independent system, but rather one that exists within the ecosystem of the Earth and is constrained by the resources available on the planet.

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