Backlash: Saving Globalisation from itself

Globalisation. Source of prosperity for billions? Or a driver of increasing inequality, poor labour conditions, unceasing environmental damage, and cultural fracture? Or both?

The debate on what people gain and lose from open trade among nations has been bubbling for some time and is nearing its boiling point. The shape of our societies, our economies and our politics has changed beyond recognition, throwing globalisation into reverse. Is this the end of globalisation as we know it?

Joe Zammitt-Lucia, entrepreneur, investor, leadership advisor and commentator, talks about the new book he has written with David Boyle to explore these issues.

Joe Zammit-Lucia

Joe is co-Founder and Trustee of Radix – the think tank for the radical centre where he has authored papers on corporate governance, multiple aspects of Brexit and monetary policy. …

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