Joe Zammit-Lucia

Joe is the author of “The New Political Capitalism” (Bloomsbury, 2022) of which this article is an edited extract. Formerly a multinational industry executive, Joe is an entrepreneur, business leadership advisor and founder of the RADIX network of public policy think tanks, he is a regular commentator in the international media on issues relating to business and politics.

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Politics Is Good For You

Joe Zammit-Lucia warns that good intentions will rarely come to fruition without political understanding. In a seminal article titled Wealth, published in The North American Review in 1889, Andrew Carnegie

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China’s authoritarianism is steadily consuming the previously democratic Hong Kong trading hub. It has become fashionable to talk about the China shock – the disruption to the international trading system

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Lost and Unfounded

The global trading system is broken says Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia. It is, he says, a politically, socially and economically unsustainable system designed for the 20th century and based on theories

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Independence for Andalusia

Can British farmers learn from their counterparts in southern Spain to spit out Brussels’ poisoned sweets? Joe Zammit-Lucia and Astrid Vargas write. The high plains of Andalusia in southern Spain

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