A man and his wife

Gunnar Myrdal shared his Nobel Prize with an arch rival. Meanwhile his Nobel Prize-winning wife enjoyed less recognition. André Pedersen Ystehede and Stefan Kesting tell the story of a quest for peace, a People’s Home and what should be.

It is 45 years since Swedish economist, sociologist and politician Gunnar Myrdal was rewarded the Nobel Prize in economic science. The pluralistic character of his work is much due to his “immense curiosity to understand how everything is connected and works”1. In economics, his ideas are gaining importance with the increasing focus on understanding the economy as a complex system with virtuous and vicious feedback cycles.

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André Pedersen Ystehede

André is a PhD Candidate in Economics at Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds. His research is on macroeconomics, institutional economics and agent-based modelling. He has an MSc in …

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Stefan Kesting

Stefan is a Senior Teaching Fellow, at the Economics Division, Leeds University Business School. His main research interests include the interactive and linguistic turn in economic theory, ecological sustainability, gender, …

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