The human touch

Paul Frijters shares a dream. The world is getting hotter and wetter due to humanity increasing its carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions over the past 200 years. Even if

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Follow the money

Self-styled comedian and economist, Susie Steed, tells how her guided walk around the City turned into a tour of the British Empire. I never set out to run a tour

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The comeback kid

Stefan Kesting and André Petersen Ystehede introduce a powerful intellectual force in economics who started early and faced his own firepower. Albert O. Hirschman is a role model as a

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All for One

A combination of government edicts, broken promises and climate change has driven Malian villagers away from their collective livelihoods and traditions to bring prosperity for the few, not for the

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Water sports

Marco Janssen proposes that games might provide the solutions to community challenges, rather than nudging things along with subsidies and other interventions. India is running out of water. At least

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Trash can

Lagos’s garbage entrepreneurs are cleaning up. Adeyemi Adelekan explains. While growing up in a small suburban community in Lagos state, I was accustomed to hearing people with carts and sacks

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Hidden in plain sight

Alan Freeman interprets the art of deft manipulation of fact used in painting an unrealistically assuring, yet remarkably convincing picture of international inequality. In his 1997 book, The Demon-Haunted World:

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Hardcore Peripheries

Ingrid Kvangraven, Farwa Sial and Carolina Alves explore the relevance of dependency theory today. Why are some countries rich and some poor? Why is it difficult – seemingly impossible –

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All is revealed

Alessandra Mezzadri explains how productivity barely covers anything in fast fashion prices. In April this year, the UK multi-channel retail brand Missguided advertised the sale of a £1 bikini. It

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Where the truth lies

Capitalism has brought us full circle to a place that looks a lot like where we stood just before the crash in 2007.  Sameer Dossani says the way forward is

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A sense of insecurity

The growing push for using securitisation markets for development finance is fraught with multiple dangers ahead. Rick Rowden sounds a warning. The international development finance club has been increasingly experimenting with various types

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Youth is not enough

This issue Mwangi wa Gĩthĩnji was going to talk to The Mint about the economic success of the Ethiopian development model. However given current events, he was keen to talk

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