Agri-Food System


Save our bacon

Food isn’t what it used to be. Peter Manley says its time to green up your eats. The range of foods available today in the developed world spans a nutritional spectrum

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Workers byte back

Cross-border brands feel the heat from digitally organised labour. Grazia Ietto-Gillies  explains In 2014 the US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) declared that in some 43 labour disputes filed since

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Fiscal fizz is less sweet

One year on, Ben Reynolds explores the impact of the high-profile “sugar tax”, and where it might go in future. I remember the moment, when two years into running a

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Is meat dying?

As plant-based, flesh-like foods proliferate is the meat market being butchered. Dr Alexandra Sexton writes Vegan burger-maker, Beyond Meat, recently made global headlines for achieving the strongest public trading debut

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Citizens Can

Anna Cura explains how thinking differently of ourselves can change the future of our food system to end its damaging influences on our world. I’ve always had a passion for food. The

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Burning at the steak

Meat and dairy farming giants continue to feed the climate-changing emissions that threaten life on Earth. Carina Millstone says they could be off the menu tomorrow Countless reports tell us

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Cereal Offenders

As investors have found rich pickings in the food sector as it caught the wave of commodity market deregulation, people have starved. Sophie van Huellen looks at the ingredients of

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Fresh Faced

While “fresh is best” is, for many of us, a guiding principle in selecting food, there’s a case for taking a fresh perspective, say David Evans and Peter Jackson. To

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Vegan cheese: you may scof

An alternative to Somerset’s finest fromage, untainted by animal products, promised to open the way for vegetarians to go the whole hog into vegan eating. Jonathan Chenoweth tells how he

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Food stalled

Eat all, sup all, pay nowt – it’s the Yorkshire creed but it’s hard to keep to in the county’s poorest quarters. Megan Blake, helps bring home the snap. For

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Uncommonly good food

Ploughshare: Chagfood members agree that in a difficult growing season the members might get a smaller split of the produce. Take farmers, distributors, fishermen and a few spreadsheets, throw them

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Practically Utopian

Food for free, working for nothing and something truly cool on the street. Teresa Linzner tells a tale of Brixton’s eclectic avenues. Imagine a fridge accessible to all, full of

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Independence for Andalusia

Can British farmers learn from their counterparts in southern Spain to spit out Brussels’ poisoned sweets? Joe Zammit-Lucia and Astrid Vargas write. The high plains of Andalusia in southern Spain

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Global calories

The food on your plate, and how it got there, is the theme for our tenth issue. Food has been an area of conflict at least since the sugar boycotts

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Home groan

Flourishing fads and price-hiked highs put the spirit into spiritualism. Everyone seems preoccupied with food these days with endless cookery porn, the young constantly posting their meals on social media

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