Now lasting for over 100 days, food couriers in Sheffield are continuing to lead a strike in protest of their pay cut.

It’s unusually cold in Sheffield. The sunrise on 1 April brings crisp, sunny weather after snow showers the previous day. It also marks the 100th day of strike action by couriers in the city – the longest such strike by gig economy workers anywhere in the country.

The strike, organised by couriers that are part of the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB), comes after JustEat subcontractor Stuart Delivery cut the base rate of pay by 24 per cent in early December last year. Throughout the duration of the strike, couriers have formed pickets outside high-profile JustEat clients in the city, with McDonald’s, KFC, and Greggs all being targeted. The pickets are designed to stop drivers picking up orders rather than customers entering the restaurants. 

Khalil Lange is one of those drivers. Back in January Huck spoke to the father of three as the strike finished its first month. Despite the financial burden of striking, he was resolute in taking action and winning. Two months on, he’s still out on the picket lines.

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