Taking Climate Action Via a Gaming App

UN Climate Change News, 12 June 2019W-Foundation, a global relief and conservation organization, is working with the UN’s Climate Neutral Now initiative to promote sustainability and climate action through a gamified mobile social network application that encourages the public to take action and share the results of greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Climate Neutral Now invites companies, organizations, governments and citizens to work towards climate neutrality by reducing their climate footprint by measuring their greenhouse gas emissions, reducing them as much as possible and then compensating those which cannot be avoided.

The app launched in Korea, is now available in English for a more global reach. The users of the app can place a link on the HOOXI app to Climate Neutral Now initiative, thereby inviting other HOOXI app users to support the initiative. With the proceeds, W-Foundation purchases UN certified emission reduction units (CERs) to support emission reduction projects in developing countries.

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