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A holistic and revolutionary school wellness program consisting of socio-emotional learning, environmental awareness and inclusivity aimed at changing the way we look at education and society at large.

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The proposal
The current schooling system in India is highly theory-driven. In a post-covid world especially, what children will need is holistic development- a school system that caters not only to academics, but also to the mental, emotional and personal growth of every young mind that has been through social isolation and the trauma of a pandemic. The school wellness program aims at transforming education through: 

Socio-emotional learning: Training of teachers by mental health professionals to deliver a curriculum based on the CASEL framework which benefits children academically, socially and emotionally.
Peer circles: Sharing of emotions, along with discussions of real-world problems (17 SDGs) by the youth, thereby promoting empathetic listening, convergent and divergent thinking.
Long term future : Inculcating gardening, rain water harvesting and planting into school systems as an early attempt to solve the looming climate crisis and increase awareness.
Special programs for children with learning disabilities to transform schools into safe, nurturing environments.

Revenue from private schools to be used to implement this program in low-income schools, free-of-cost, to ensure inclusivity. This program would be implemented in phases first in primary schools (ages 8-11) where each element would be tried and tested to meet the social, cultural and emotional needs of our children.

To measure and quantify our progress, we would be conducting pre and post surveys of school children, teachers and parents. Self-reports, questionnaires and focus-group discussions will also help us document the same.

Our way forward would be collaborating with like-minded nascent organisations who would carry the project forward, making it sustainable.

Individuals who have been a part of such a system will be the torchbearers of a community of adults who will become efficient workers, responsible citizens and most importantly, resilient, self-aware human beings, metamorphosing our world into the place visionaries have dreamt it to be.
Why now with the pandemic?

The pandemic has exposed the youth of today to feelings of uncertainty about the future, loneliness and trauma. Our model facilitates self-awareness, empathy and multidimensional learning, thereby equipping the youth to deal with the problems of a post Covid world. With our political fabric in shackles, we need a more mindful community of young leaders who are socially and environmentally conscious, bringing the need of a holistic education system to the forefront.
Thus, the program provides a platform for rebuilding the future right from the start.

How does this deliver social, economic and environmental benefits?

The program inculcates the foundations of introspection, social awareness and community bonding, at a tender age. The psycho-educative lessons introduce the dimension of mental and emotional well-being into education, promising a more vibrant youth spearheading societal change. Peer circles facilitate empathy as well as formulation of young solution-driven ideas, providing a fresh perspective to sustainably bring the world back on track. The green practices commit children to a sustainable and eco-friendly mindset and increase the green cover in schools. This model will aid low-income schools promoting inclusivity and all-round development for every section of the society.

The team

Aashna Agrawal

Aashna Agrawal is a student of Psychology at Lady Shri Ram college for Women, who has immense faith in the power of words, ideas and kindness. She believes that education …

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Riya Balwada

Riya Balwada, a second year Economics student, has a knack for baking and a keen interest in social entrepreneuship for she strongly believes in not just seeing the world, but …

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Ria Gupta

Ria Gupta is a second year student at LSR, wanting to explore all things new. Dancing her way through life, she firmly believes in making this world a better place …

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Somya Chaturvedi

Somya Chaturvedi, an Economics student, with a head full of dreams. Passionate about dance, dramatics and entrepreneurship. Envisions a society free of prejudice and injustice and is headed towards being …

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