The roles of pay-by-result within public policy
Source: Addarii et al., Funding Social Innovation (forthcoming)

Filippo Addarii, Alexander Shapiro and Marco Sebastianelli offer a short introduction to the ambition, limits and potential of business with value beyond profit.
Some of the most loy...

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Filippo Addarii

Filippo’s ambition is to transform Europe, through the power of networks, open-ended innovation and diffused entrepreneurship to fulfil its mission of global peace, prosperity and justice. He’s active in the …

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Alexander Shapiro

Alexander works on impact investment. He holds a MSc from the London School of Economics where he focussed on the economics of international development, and specialised in public private partnerships …

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Marco Sebastianelli

Marco works in impact investment. He holds a PhD in Economics and Social Sciences from the Institute of Advanced Studies in Pavia, where he specialised in the conceptualisation and measurement …

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