In what has been a bumper week for news stories on single-use plastics, edie explores how corporates are forging ahead with new collection and take-back schemes for recyclable packaging that had been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

It may have seemed the corporate focus on eliminating single-use plastics and promoting closed-loop packaging had fallen off the radar in recent months. The severe impact of the coronavirus pandemic sent sudden shockwaves across the globe and has led to a re-evaluation of business as usual and the broken, linear economy.

Much of the focus of the green recovery has been on the need for rapid decarbonisation in line with net-zero emissions. However, with an Ellen MacArthur Foundation report finding that moving to renewables across the globe will only address 55% of greenhouse gas emissions and that closed-loop value chains will be critical in reducing the remaining 45%, should more of the green recovery conversation focus on the circular economy?

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