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Anna Cura explains how thinking differently of ourselves can change the future of our food system to end its damaging influences on our world.

I’ve always had a passion for food. The growing, the foraging, the cooking, and definitively the eating – preferably with friends and family. Food plays centre-stage in our lives, nourishing us with stories, relationships, memories, love. It is our daily reminder of our connection to Nature, and yet the food systems that bring us this food have, over the decades, become increasingly damaging to our health, our fellow species and the planet. So how can we change those systems so they are fairer to all things earthly? By observing where changes are starting to emerge – and they are already emerging.

We are seeing a rise in public engagement on several social and environmental issues, although the ever-complex issue of plastics has dominated recently. That being said, the narrative around health, the environment, and our planet, is becoming part of general public discourse. With the likes of Extinction Rebellion and the teenage environmental campaigner, Greta Thunberg, our society is absorbing values that present a clear challenge to long-standing institutions. And the role and nature of food businesses are evolving in response.

“The narrative around health, the environment, and our planet, is becoming part of general public discourse.”

We are seeing a rise in purpose-driven models, illustrated by the sharp rise in recent years of B-corporations – for-profit businesses

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Anna Cura

Anna Cura is a zoologist with a Master’s degree in biodiversity conservation from the University of Oxford and 10 years’ experience in both the forestry and agrifood sectors. She has …

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