Why Capitalists Need Communists

The 2020s look set to be the decade of make or break. The big problems we face – climate change, inequality, job creation in the face of automation, housing shortages and pressures on public services – clearly require big solutions. Tinkering of the kind that has been popular over the last 40 years isn’t going to cut it. But is the politics of big solutions possible?
Charles Seaford presents an analysis of the conditions required for historical major changes and consider what is now required in this decade to create the politics we need, the politics of flourishing.
Polly Mackenzie responds bringing her experience of working in politics to bear, followed by open discussion.

Charles Seaford

Charles is author of ‘Why Capitalists Need Communists: the Politics of Flourishing’, Senior Fellow at Demos and a co-investigator at the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity, UK. He was formerly …

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Polly Mackenzie

Polly is chief executive of Demos. Polly started her career as a business journalist. In 2004 she became a Policy Adviser on housing and local government for Edward Davey MP. …

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