Tribes and tribulations

Feted author, journalist and anthropologist, Gillian Tett has a new book: Anthro Vision: How Anthropology Can Explain Business and Life. She told The Mint what Anthro Vision was and how it might also help to understand the economics tribe.

Gillian Tett

Gillian is the chairman of the US editorial board and editor-at-large at the Financial Times. Perhaps best known for predicting the 2007–8 financial crisis, Tett’s bestselling book Fool’s Gold was one of …

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One Comment on “Tribes and tribulations”

  1. Congratulations to henry for bringing this on! Gillian Tett has broken the silence on the blindingly obvious: Mind the human factor.
    Her example of anthropologists entering churches to study religion “on the ground” reminds me of an important talk given by the former Chief economist of the BoE Andy Haldane called “Putting the Public into Public institutions”. Same argument there!

    So many thanks

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