Why we should abandon GDP

Gross Domestic Product is the most popular and useless quantity in economics say Erald Kolasi and Blair Fix. For all that it purports to say, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) fails

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Hidden in plain sight

Alan Freeman interprets the art of deft manipulation of fact used in painting an unrealistically assuring, yet remarkably convincing picture of international inequality. In his 1997 book, The Demon-Haunted World:

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The silence about violence

Susie Steed used to teach economics to undergraduates, but she can’t bear to any longer. She tells why. I’ve been trying to describe to people why I’m no longer teaching

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A World Away

Economics training in Africa has long been funded by the World Bank so it keeps to the narrow track of mainstream economics – as do the economic policies in Africa.

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Significantly speaking

Stephen Ziliak has spent much of his illustrious career in economics examining the significance of significance – that is the statistical test of significance. It turns out how this test

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Round for Dinner

My Christmas card from Esther and Abhijit Circular arguments ensue after a round of experiments. And Thomas’ culinary efforts return to the earth. I must admit that last week was

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How to stop the brain drain

Nigella Vigoroso-Heck has an idea. It’s really hard to fuck up a lesson on Game Theory. Even the most didactic teacher would find it difficult not to let his students

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Jonathan Aldred – Licence to be Bad

Publisher Description Over the past fifty years, the way we value what is ‘good’ and ‘right’ has changed dramatically. Behaviour that to our grandparents’ generation might have seemed stupid, harmful

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