WINIR takes all

David Gindis and Francesca Gagliardi tell how scholars in many disciplines and from many nations are joining in dialogue to promote the study of the stuff of social and economic

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Bring out the Best

Governments using regulators and other institutions to stick-and-carrot people into acting for the common good is not the way to devliver policy. Henry Leveson-Gower shares his discovery of a more

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Taking sides

Nicholas Gruen questions the value of competition and proposes a new frontier for political and economic reform. Since Adam Smith, economists have marvelled at competition’s capacity to improve our world

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Cooperatives on the table

Jessica Gordon-Nembhard is a leading economist studying co-operatives. In fact she effectively invented this economic research agenda in the US. She was brought up by social activists who discussed Marx

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Saving you the trouble

Felicia Wong and her team at the Roosevelt Institute in New York have just read the work of 150 leading new economics thinkers so you don’t have to. They have

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Accentuate the positive

It all started with hope. Now we have viral infection. But there is still hope. I came up with “hope” as the theme for this issue in the autumn. I was

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Spine of the times

Read is not dead. Nigella Vigorosso-Heck sees demand for pages keep on turning. We live in an age where any A Level student can access all the information they could

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Jonathan Aldred – Licence to be Bad

Publisher Description Over the past fifty years, the way we value what is ‘good’ and ‘right’ has changed dramatically. Behaviour that to our grandparents’ generation might have seemed stupid, harmful

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