Covid-19 and Health



Isolated incidents

Thomas attempts to go viral as mass infection brings great opportunities.  I am isolating myself. There’s nothing wrong with me, or Thomas, but others around us are dropping like flies. But,

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Accentuate the positive

It all started with hope. Now we have viral infection. But there is still hope. I came up with “hope” as the theme for this issue in the autumn. I was

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What will time tell?

Covid infection is, for most people, a rough few days. A side effect of mass containment could atrophy our humanity. Frances Coppola evaluates the prospects. The fight against the coronavirus

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Youth is not enough

This issue Mwangi wa Gĩthĩnji was going to talk to The Mint about the economic success of the Ethiopian development model. However given current events, he was keen to talk

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He who pays the piper

Baker: his message struggles to be heard because a lot of money goes into calling the other tune. Dean Baker explains how calls for a new type of market –

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Health economics: a prognosis

Is established thinking in economics up to the challenges presented by healthcare provision? Geoffrey M. Hodgson conducts and examination. “Health economics would seem to be a perfect topic for heterodox

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Event Recordings

The Foundational Economy

Privatisation, market choice, outsourcing: these are the watchwords that have shaped policy in numerous democratic states in the last generation. These were claimed to provide more efficient services so we

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