Tom uses his background in cancer research to recast our economy as a human body, using startling metaphor that our economy is suffering from advanced cancer. 

Inspired by systems thinking, Tom looks to natural systems for lessons for a healthy economy. He identifies the root cause of the cancerous economy – and its results of inequality, disempowerment and the destruction of the planet – in the mutation of our shared societal values over centuries. 

Through ‘On Purpose’  Tom has helped bring together a supportive community of 1,500 people and growing passionate about creating social and environmental impact has created a nurturing community. His ideas and the people he has worked with have been compared to anti-cancerous agents spreading out into the workplace and the economy.


How this differs from the mainstream

Friedman (1976 Nobel Prize winner) proposed in 1970 that managers of economic organisations should maximise returns to shareholders and this has dominated the mainstream ever since.

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