A trio of leaders of organisations that have emerged as responses to the Crash talk to The Mint about the progress so far and the future outlook.

Maeve Cohen, Fran Boait and Anna Laycock all came to the new economics movements from different starting points. None of their paths were direct. But then if they had come through a standard economics training, they may never have ended up where they did.

Cohen grew up first in Langley Park, County Durham, a mining town. She says the aftermath from the 1984 strike was evident enough to make her aware “that economic decisions have maybe quite catastrophic consequences”. However that did not lead directly to studying economics as she was not really sure what she wanted to do; nor did she want to stick around for A levels which seemed to have little purpose. So she headed off working and travelling in Africa and India and again saw ‘the devastating effects of economic decisions”. Then the Crash happened which hit her family hard changing her life dramatically.

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