The climate crisis cause

As we struggle to find common international cause to address climate change, you might not immediately think of reaching for a philosopher’s book – How to think about the climate crisis – to find solutions. It is not as if we are short of reading options on this topic.

But Graham Parkes is not a normal Anglo-American philosopher: he has actually read outside the Western canon and is an expert in Chinese and Japanese philosophy and more. And he reckons that we may find the basis for common international cause and mutual respect by understanding these traditions… and even some wisdom sadly lacking in the Western suicidal libertarian dominated culture. After all, we can’t solve climate change without China.

The Mint met up with Parkes online in Vienna to find out more and talk about conspiracy theories and the nature of evil.

Read the transcript here.

Graham Parkes

A native of Glasgow, Graham has taught philosophy at universities in the United States, Europe, and East Asia, and is now Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Vienna. He …

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