There’s been a surge in the number of classed as either homeless or threatened with homelessness, according to new government figures.

Campaigners have reacted with anger at ‘inaction’ on homelessness and social house building, following the news from the Office for National Statistics of a 11.4% increase in homelessness or potential evictions. The number of households assessed by Local Authorities as homeless/at risk now sits at 68,170 this quarter.

Nearly 31,000 households in this category – 45% – have one or more ‘support needs’. The most common support need is a history of mental health problems, accounting for 14,950 households or 21.9% of households owed homelessness support.

One in five homelessness cases were the result of a tenancy ending in the private rented sector, and 1 in 10 (6930) were the result of landlord selling or reletting, evicting a tenant who was not at fault, according to analysis by Generation Rent.

These figures also show that there are currently 127,370 children are living in temporary accommodation – often suffering cramped and dangerous conditions, with some families having to share a single room.

Caitlin Wilkinson, Policy and Public Affairs Manager at Generation Rent, said:

“To tackle homelessness and deliver on Boris Johnson’s pledge to end rough sleeping, the Government must prioritise giving renters security through ending section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions and cracking down on criminal landlords who illegally evict tenants.  Tenants also need greater protections if landlords choose to sell or move back into their properties.”

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