Saint Mark’s square roots

An excerpt from The Venetian Files – a novel by Izaias Almada and Matheus Graselli.
September 12-14, 2008: New York City, USA
Hank Paulson managed to get Alistair Darling on the phone at 11:30 on Sunday morning. The Treasury Secretary was speaking to his British counterpart from the 13th floor of ...

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Matheus Grasselli

Matheus is a professor of Financial Mathematics at McMaster University, Canada, and the former Deputy Director of the Fields Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Toronto. He is the author of …

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Izaías Almada

Izaías is a well-known Brazilian novelist, playwright and screenwriter. He is the author of four novels, three collections of short stories, three non-fiction books, a biography and several plays and …

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