On being an inspiration

Chee Yoke Ling has, since the 1980s, supported Global South countries in becoming more effective in international policy negotiations. The Mint called her up in Bonn, where she was attending a UN meeting, to find out how she has been providing that support; how the political-economy context has changed over the past few decades; and what the prospects are for COP27. Yoke Ling was also the inspiration behind the character Gi on the hugely popular American animated television series, Captain Planet, about the ventures of an environmentalist superhero. Maybe she too will need special powers over the coming years.

Read the transcript here.

CHEE Yoke Ling

Yoke Ling is a lawyer with degrees from the University of Malaya and the University of Cambridge. She is Executive Director of Third World Network, an international non-profit policy research and advocacy …

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