More than two-thirds of landlords in England who kicked tenants out in the last year used so-called no-fault evictions, new research reveals – as the government continues to drag its feet over banning the practice.

Some 43% of landlords in the 2021 English Private Landlord Survey also admitted that they would not let their properties to people who required home adaptations – even though discrimination on grounds of disability, whether direct or indirect, is illegal, and tenants with disabilities have the right to request adaptations to help them live more easily.

Formally called section 21 eviction notices, after the relevant section of the 1988 Housing Act, no-fault evictions effectively allow landlords to make tenants on rolling contracts homeless without giving a reason.

The survey, commissioned by the government’s own Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, reveals the scale of the problem that the Conservatives have spent more than three years pledging in vain to fix.

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